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Saturday, April 24, 2010

BIG progress

Wow, lots done today thanks to my very clever wife (though she would vehemently deny it)

Solved the riddle of the random dungeon generation. Still currently only happening over two dimensions, and in need of some performance tweaking, but now the base algorithm is working it's only go go go from here! It's quite fun to traipse around a randomly generated level, not knowing what's coming up next.

Many games have what they call randomly generated or procedurally generated levels, but it's not so. Games such as the Diablo series or Torchlight have random segment level generation. Basically level designers have built big blocks of segments of levels and those blocks are tacked together randomly. Since many of those segments have scripted events for monster creation, etc, one can predict what will be coming next in these so called "random" levels. In The Sword of Ahkranox, the procedural level generation is just that. Truly procedural.

The Hellfire2 engine (which I have been developing purely for this game) relies on a top secret hyperbolic parabloid procedural world generation formula that I devised back in 2005, so level generation will be a VERY random, VERY unpredictable thing. Should be great fun when you're being chased by an ogre through it!

Okay, so updates...

New completed list:
- Basic test dungeon models
- Character movement (grid based)
- Basic lighting
- Model loading
- NPC model animation
- World asset generation
- Basic dungeon generation

And the new to-do list:
- More complicated dungeon generation on a 2D plane (t-junctions, crossroads, etc)
- Get player collision working
- Basic AI (no player recognition)
- Range-of-vision processing (hiding 3D models that the viewer can't see to preserve memory)

Until next time! Next post should be quite interesting!

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