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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Art

With some of the new artwork coming in, we've got a new main title screen and loading screen. The partnership with Ordinary Obscurity is really shaping this game into something awesome!

For those of you wondering about the name, this game is to be the computer game variant of the card game I developed with my wife over the last couple of years. That game is called Malevolence. This game is called The Sword of Ahkranox, but is being put under the branding of Malevolence since the two games are related.

Anyway, hope you like the new piccies!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Purely in Concept

Got some really early sketch concept work from Ordinary Obscurity that alludes to what the final in-game experience will look like (remember how all the models you've seen so far are temporary) and what we've seen so far is looking to be a very immersive game world!

Stay tuned for more soon!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Technical details...

Lots of progress with development tonight, however it's all boring background technical stuff, so there's nothing to really show for it. Rest assured that the game will be a LOT better for the things I've been doing.

I've also set up the groundwork for something I've been procrastinating over for quite some time in the engine: player collision. Basically the code that stops you being able to walk through walls. It's a tricky nut to crack but I'm finally at that stage where it has to be done, so I spent a bit of time setting up a lot of the background tasks required to make collision work, but I still have yet to do the code for the collision itself. More on that soon.

We got the first round of concept work back from Ordinary Obscurity and it is AWESOME. You can also expect to see it turned into a set of high-res dungeon models soon. And with hi-res models comes the need for viewport culling (hiding the 3D models that aren't in the player's line of sight) otherwise people will need to have AMAZING computers to run the game.

In other - slightly similar - news, I've been toying around with some code to make model animations all play at the same speed, regardless of the computer it's playing on. Generally speaking when you write a 3D engine, animations will play slower of slower computers, and vice versa, and it's actually kinda tricky to normalize all of the animations based on the system clock accurately for all computers, so with luck I'll be able to sort that out.

Yeah, pretty much just grinding out all the boring background stuff that makes the game hold together lately. With luck I'll be able to show you all some really cool screenshots soon. Hopefully once I start work on the hi-res dungeon models created using the new concept art from Ordinary Obscurity.

Well, bye for now!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hired a new artist mob to help work on the game today, so a big welcome on board to Ordinary Obscurity, who helped considerably with the development of Malevolence TCG. Their amazing portfolio can been seen on their website. Having the extra art support you can expect to see some big changes (by changes I mean improvements) to the game, and you'll see it all right here, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Got HEAPS done tonight and now the dungeons are generating all on their own with stairs and different sized rooms!

No screenshots for tonight (too tired) but more progress to be made soon! Woo!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Hmm... Roomy...

Two things are apparent from the screenshot above...

1) I am very tired...
and 2) I got rooms working :D

So now this means that dungeons won't be all tight corridors and stair cases, but now there can be rooms of all different shapes and sizes, too! Woo! Exciting!

This was a REAL puzzler to work out, but after working on it all day I finally just managed to get it working and now I'm ready for bed...

As a side note, I also managed to substantially lighten the in-game experience, so it's not quite so dark. I'll make sure I put up a new in-game video very soon for you all to see it.

Anyway, let me know what you think!

Au revoir!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

No Patience

Well, well, well! It was my birthday today and what did I spend it doing? Yep. Programming this engine hahaha

Yeah, seriously, I'm having fun working on this.

So yeah, another day just working on the random dungeon generator algorithm, and exciting news! I got staircases working! The dungeons are now multi-storey! Up to 10 storeys deep! So far the largest I've seen it generate was 5 storeys, but hey, it's possible. Anyway, take a look at the screenshot. It's totally awesome to see working.

I originally intended to give dungeons 3 different types of staircase: left corner, right corner and straight. Figuring that it would be more difficult to get working, I did the coding for the corner staircases first, and got that working, only to find that the program would break when I put in straight staircases. After working on it for hours I gave up and left it as just corner staircases. They look much cooler anyway. Maybe I'll re-visit the straight staircases later when I have more patience for it.

The corner staircases are cool. In a couple of the dungeons I've been generating, it's put multiple corner staircases after each other, creating a natural spiral staircase that goes down several floors at once. The further I go with this game engine, the more I can't wait to play it! (yeah... chew on THAT sentence, grammar nazis!)

Anyway, the last thing I need to do on the dungeons is room generation, a feature I've been procrastinating over for a week now... It's going to be REALLY complicated to do, but now there's nothing else left to do. Sigh. But the game just wouldn't be the same without them.

Anyway... I've shown a few people some people some of the in-game play and now I have a little fan-club following the progress of development, which is really cool. It's motivating to have people egging me on, so thank you guys! Let me know what you think!

I've also attached a gameplay footage preview... Just as a teaser. Have fun with it!

Well... Until next time! I'm off to bed! Adios!