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Sunday, May 2, 2010

No Patience

Well, well, well! It was my birthday today and what did I spend it doing? Yep. Programming this engine hahaha

Yeah, seriously, I'm having fun working on this.

So yeah, another day just working on the random dungeon generator algorithm, and exciting news! I got staircases working! The dungeons are now multi-storey! Up to 10 storeys deep! So far the largest I've seen it generate was 5 storeys, but hey, it's possible. Anyway, take a look at the screenshot. It's totally awesome to see working.

I originally intended to give dungeons 3 different types of staircase: left corner, right corner and straight. Figuring that it would be more difficult to get working, I did the coding for the corner staircases first, and got that working, only to find that the program would break when I put in straight staircases. After working on it for hours I gave up and left it as just corner staircases. They look much cooler anyway. Maybe I'll re-visit the straight staircases later when I have more patience for it.

The corner staircases are cool. In a couple of the dungeons I've been generating, it's put multiple corner staircases after each other, creating a natural spiral staircase that goes down several floors at once. The further I go with this game engine, the more I can't wait to play it! (yeah... chew on THAT sentence, grammar nazis!)

Anyway, the last thing I need to do on the dungeons is room generation, a feature I've been procrastinating over for a week now... It's going to be REALLY complicated to do, but now there's nothing else left to do. Sigh. But the game just wouldn't be the same without them.

Anyway... I've shown a few people some people some of the in-game play and now I have a little fan-club following the progress of development, which is really cool. It's motivating to have people egging me on, so thank you guys! Let me know what you think!

I've also attached a gameplay footage preview... Just as a teaser. Have fun with it!

Well... Until next time! I'm off to bed! Adios!


  1. Is it just my computer, or is the game play footage really dark? I'm having a bit of a hard time seeing a lot of what's there...

  2. Yeah, unfortunately I've been spending so much time on the dungeon generation lately that I haven't been able to spend too much time on the correct lighting of the in-game world. It WILL be brighter as development continues, but for now it's just an unfortunate issue.