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Sunday, June 13, 2010

What's this?

Well well well! What's this? A treasure chest? A low-detail temporary model of a treasure chest, yes, but it IS a treasure chest. What does that mean for the game? It means that I can randomly place objects of any sort throughout the dungeon. Just in case you still haven't figured it out, this means that the dungeons won't all be empty rooms and corridors. Now I can fill them with all manner of objects and items. Chests, tables, chairs, wells, cages, you name it!

Of course, this means that there is a long process of asset creation for me in my near future. I have to create and texture dozens of new 3D objects to fill the dungeons with, but it might be a nice break from all the coding I've been doing to get the collision working.

On that note, I've gotten collision working 100% now. The player can't walk through walls and can run up and down stairs with no problems. I DID record a video of that working, but I'm having some encoding issues, so I'll have to get that to you later.

I also put in the proper loading screen with the progress bar. I always thought it took far too long to load and generate a dungeon, but now I have the loading screen in place, I've realised that it only takes about 15 seconds. Considering the technology we're working with here, I don't think that's too long to wait. What do you guys think?

Anyway. It was a real pain to have to quit and re-load the program every time I wanted to generate a new dungeon, so I put in a dungeon reset function so that with a simple key press I can load a whole new dungeon without quitting the application. This makes testing a lot easier, however, it has highlighted a bug. In very rare circumstances, the dungeon generator still manages to build corridors THROUGH staircases instead of around them, so I need to hunt that bug down, which is a pain. I thought I'd solved all of that...

Anyway, shouldn't take too long to fix up. I'm having a bit more of a relaxing day today, playing some games with a couple of mates and the missus. Back to it tomorrow!

See ya later!

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