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Monday, July 5, 2010

Just the Stairs...

So another night has been spent on getting this re-write of the code working, and after a whole evening's work, the engine is creating rooms again. Which means, all that is left is doing staircases.

Almost done then? Not quite... Staircases have the main problem with this engine from the beginning. Almost every single bug that has been in the program has been to do with stairs, so I need to make absolutely positively sure that I do it right this time...

So it's been a long time since one of these blog entries has contained a to-do/completed list, so here's one to keep me motivated:

Completed list:
- Basic test dungeon models
- Character movement (grid based)
- Basic lighting
- Model loading
- NPC model animation
- World asset generation
- Basic dungeon generation
- Multi-tiered 2D levels
- Initial set monster animation
- Fix small bugs in 2D dungeon generation
- Add rooms to dungeon generation
- Get player collision working
- Dungeon decoration population

To-do list:
- Finish re-write of engine and remove stairway intersection bug
- Add t-junctions to dungeon generation
- Add doors to dungeon generation
- Basic AI (no player recognition)
- Range-of-vision processing (hiding 3D models that the viewer can't see to preserve memory)
- Balconies

Aha! Did you see what I did there? I added balconies to the mix... One of my all-time favourite RPG games was "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion". Bethesda Softworks are pure genius and they had the most amazing dungeons in their games. One feature is that some parts of their dungeons contained big open halls that one could look out over from a balcony. You couldn't jump off of the balcony and down into the big open hall, but you would get this tasty little teaser of what you were in for and it really gave the dungeons an amazing sense of enormity, of depth... Plus, there's nothing more exciting than stepping out onto a balcony and having a dozen monsters in the hall below see you and scatter towards the stairs to come and hunt you, making you yell "SHIT!!!" and draw your sword...

Fantastic stuff...

Yeah, I know I'm trying to raise the bar on RPGs with this game, but on the one in a million chance that one of the Bethesda guys are reading this at any point, I want to just say that if this game ends up being a tenth of what the Elder Scrolls games are like, I'll consider myself lucky!

Anyway... Progress! A couple more days and I should have this re-write finished. But I'm taking a four-day weekend this week (Friday to Monday) and I'm hoping to get a MASSIVE amount of work done on this thing, so be prepared for some really over-excited blog posts hahaha.

See you all soon. Sleep well!

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