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Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Character Art

Hi all,

I know it's been a while between posts, but I've been going through a bit of a rough trot lately (medically speaking) and haven't had much time to work on the game, though that's likely to change soon, so stay posted.

However, while I've been being lazy, Ordinary Obscurity certainly haven't! They've been working on some new character art for the game! Basically when you create a character you need to pick an avatar for them, so they've been working on a set of characters (both male and female) to choose from. It's not the full set yet, and there's no colour yet either, but I thought I'd give you faithful viewers a bit of a teaser of what to expect!

I hope you like them!

(Do you wanna date my avatar? lol)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Those damned stairs again!

Getting heaps of work done on the game today, and the re-write is coming together really nicely. Sorted out all of the bugs except one... The damned stairs... It's not that they're not working... It's that they aren't actually appearing at all! Once this bug is out of the way though, I'll hopefully be able to work out why the stair/corridor intersections are happening and sort them out! Woo!