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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Yay! So all that hard work paid off. I think doing this while on holidays is the ticket to success. I'm pretty much just working on the engine every waking minute, so I'm able to tackle the big problems well.

Anyway, I took the new dungeon generation algorithm and put it into a newly written 3D engine. This engine has basic lighting, normal mapping and depth fog and is loading in some mid-range 3D models with high-res textures applied. The result is pretty damn nice.

Yes, the walls/floors are quite repetitive at the moment, but that's just because I'm only using one set of models/textures at the moment. That will change once I put some more effort into that. What you see here is just me trying to get it working (and succeeding. Muahahahaaaa)

Anyway, another thing you need to remember is that I did not design this level. The Sword of Ahkranox has been written to create it's own universe procedurally. I had no hand in the design of this dungeon other than writing the A.I. that does all of the work. I keep being amazed at what the program is capable of creating!

Enjoy the vid. Talk soon!

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