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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Much-Needed Breakthrough

So I've finally managed to score some time to dig into The Sword of Ahkranox. Feels good to be back, but along with my return to the code comes a return to all the old bugs. Grrrrr...

So anyway, I did some late-night coding marathons (really takes me back) and finished off version 3 of the dungeon generation algorithm, and came across some REALLY interesting results!

Not only did I seem to fix quite a number of problems, but I accidentally came across an anomoly in the engine which made it create some really amazing looking dungeons. Naturally shaped caves, large rooms, huge halls to tiny nooks. It wasn't intentional at all, but I guess that's what you get when you write adaptive code where the game builds its own levels! Sometimes it's going to surprise you!

So what you're looking at in this picture is one of the newly generated maps. Stairs will be coming next, so lets home that my second little problem gets fixed with the new engine at the same time!

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