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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Cool Things

Well, I have been busy! The offset error when moving between floors is now totally fixed, but the algorithm isn't placing doors on floors other than floor 1.
Should be pretty easy to fix though. I have a feeling it's just a simple logic error hidden away somewhere that I haven't noticed yet.

One thing I did get working though is something i've been mentioning since the early days but have only just completed and that is the awesome 3D sound engine! In lay terms, it makes things louder or quieter based on your distance from them, but it ALSO makes things appropriately sound like they are to your left or right or in front of you or behind you, which is also cool. It also takes note of the surroundings and produces the appropriate noise dampening and echo for the environment.

To test this out, I am going to do a new decoration type: fountains! With this, I'll be able to not only test out the 3D sound, but also model animation. If I can get the animation engine working in the game then it will mean monsters will be a lot easier to implement as well :)

A new post soon once fountains are working and I've fixed the door problem!

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