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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Looky looky!

So with a heap of extra work tonight the Alpha is sitting at revision MSoA0.00.021 with the addition of free-looking!
Basically, what this means is that the player can, before they make a move, take a look around them by holding down the right mouse button and moving their mouse. (This was Ian's idea, and it's a damn good one). Using this, the player can further analyze items, surroundings, etc, before continuing, but the main benefit is being able to look around for approaching monsters before choosing what you want to do (very handy at crossroads).

I've also done a heap of work on the enemy A.I. function, but that's still got some big problems, so more work on that tomorrow. I also have one or two little bugs with the freelook mode, but they should be fixed up before tonight is over!

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