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Thursday, January 13, 2011


So tonight's work was on the scripting side of the engine. I figured it was high time I got asset loading down to a simple script procedure. Basically, the engine - when generating maps - will load up an appropriate "level set" which has all of the models and textures for a particular theme. When incorporating that sort of thing into a game as complex as this, it's quite a difficult task, so only the beginnings of the functionality were added.

In other news, I added a new feature to the free-look option. Now, when you release the free-look button, your camera snaps into the direction your view was facing. Before, it just returned you to whichever direction you were looking in when you began the free-look. Now you can make turns using it! It's only a little detail, but it makes a huge difference in gameplay.

Anyway, more info on the script loading procedure when it's working!

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