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Thursday, March 31, 2011

As the Sun Sets...

Hi again everyone. I've been a busy little bee working on some pretty advanced lighting code. First cab off the rank were dynamic lens flares when the player was looking at the sun. They're still a little basic for now, but at least it's working in a sense. They look their best at sunset. Currently sunsets are SUPER dark, so I need to work on that a bit more, but this will give you a general idea of what they look like:

However, when the sun is up, it's looking quite good. My favourite time of the day in the game is around twilight. I have dynamic shadows that creep across the ground. It's actually making me want to go back to the dungeon code to put in some dynamic shadows to make it even more badass. I'll definitely have to re-visit that at some stage. Anyway, here's a shot of how it looks before sunset:

Still only temporary building models at the moment and absolutely no decoration or anything. Currently just focusing on getting the lighting right. I'm doing my best to make outdoor environments just as awe-inspiring as their underground counterparts.

In other areas, we have welcomed several voice actors on board. I myself will be doing some of the acting, but in addition we have Steven Kelly, Samuel Drake, Amber Lee Connors, Rebeka Thomas, Nyssa Norton, Jamie Buurveld, Carl and Tim Hansen, Scott Hornsey, Ben Irvine and Rachel Birchnoff (our lead artist!)

Here's a quick sample of what you can expect! (All samples are early at the moment)

So yes, as you can see, lots of progress. Rachel is up here with us in Brisbane and quite intent on pumping out a significant chunk of art while she's at it! So expect to see some awesome stuff here on the blog!

Talk soon!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

More buildings

Still no 2 storey buildings yet, however I've started playing around with some demo 3D models and textures and lighting and whatnot. It's running a little slow at the moment, but I haven't put much work into engine optimization at this point so it'll improve with time.

I just thought you fine folks might like to see a preview screenshot of what it's looking like today! Here it is:

More info soon!

Making progress

So I managed to get the buildings blockier and more building-like and started to make the move into generating 3D towns.

Currently it's just a floor plan style 3D render of the towns, however now that I have it in 3D I can start making progress towards putting in buildings with two or more storeys.

More to come soon!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hitting the big city

So I've started having a serious play around with procedural town generation. It's still VERY early days at the moment, but the above image sort of gives you a rough indication of the direction I'm going and the steps that my algorithm takes to get there. What I'm currently ending up with is a really cool layout of the buildings, but really crappy buildings themselves.

But then again, the dungeon generation used to be god-awful until I refined it a bazillion times, and this IS just revision 1 of the town generator, so you should see a really bad-ass procedural town generator at the end of this.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Vocal Talent

Sorry for the break in updates, but we HAVE been busy!

We are proud to introduce a few new members of the team! We've started organising the vocal talent for the game. Joining the team are the talented male voice actors Steven Kelly, Samuel Drake, Jamie Buurveld, Carl and Tim Hansen and Scott Hornsey, and the female team are currently composed of my beautiful wife Nyssa Norton and hopefully a few others who are in the process of being contacted.

When we start getting some awesome samples you'll start hearing some great new voice clips in the video demos!

Talk soon!