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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chests are go

So after spending the afternoon on it, I've linked in the basic player stats, one of which is the amount of gold that the player is carrying. Now, thanks to the new code, players can go up to chests in the dungeons and take the gold out of them, putting it into their inventory with a nice little "coin jingle" sound effect. It also handles permanence in the chest contents (you can leave stuff in a chest, go away, come back and it's still there) which sounds like a really obvious thing, but in a procedurally generated game it can get a bit zany.

Anyway. The next thing I'm going to handle is the full player inventory, including bits of armour that the player can put on! So more on that over the coming days!


Peering inside...

So there is stuff in chests now! Only gold pieces, but that shows that the framework is there to get other stuff, too! Check it out!

It's exciting running around peering in chests to find what's there. Some chests are actually empty, which is a bit of a downer, but I want to keep it that way just because it's fun lol

More soon!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Getting things off my chest

Ha ha, such a clever post name. Not... Anyway, it's high time that players can find loot in these dungeons, so I've started adding chests! This is my first time going back to the code after a couple of weeks (sorry) and heck, I want to be able to find loot!

So here is what it's looking like:

Pretty, huh? Now I've gotta make them usable! So you'll be hearing from me soon!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Animated clouds

So here's an early demo of the sky that I promised yesterday:

So this is still in SUPER early stages, but it's a 2000% speed video of the procedural sky and lighting in the game. The shadows are still majorly broken, so you'll have to forgive that, and I'm still using low-res crappy models, but the sky is the main thing I'm highlighting here. Looks pretty cool, hey?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Clunky, but cool.

Well as you can see from the above screenshot, my procedural sky code is working well. When I say 'well' however, I mean that as a tech demo it is working well, but in a practical sense it is currently a MASSIVE resource hog and is making the rest of the game run really slow. You'll notice in the above screenshot that I had to turn off all of my other cool lighting just to get the skies to load up properly hahaha

Why are they so resource hungry? Well, you can't see it in a still shot, but those clouds actually move through the sky, break apart, reform, etc all on their own in a procedural manner. While they're doing this, the sun is moving through them as well as the three moons that orbit the land of Ahkranox. All of this is done dynamically as the light levels and colour tones of the sky change throughout the day. It's actually quite beautiful to watch and when it isn't running so embarrassingly slow I will upload a video showing just how nicely it works.

Anyway, just a quick post to show you what's been on my mind lately! Another one soon when I get it working faster!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Very quick post

I've been working mostly on the intro cinematic for the game, so this post will be quite brief.

Anyway, I've been working on the Sword Chamber, the temple that The Sword resides within when viewed from inside the realm of Ahkranox. The temple is at the top of an immensely tall tower to prevent evil things from ever reaching it.

But anyway, here's an early sneak peak preview of the Sword Chamber!

As you can see, The Sword of Ahkranox is encased in its crystal of magical ice, the drips from which are caught in the Well of Bladed Tears underneath. Pretty cool, huh?

More soon!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Awesome awesome awesome

Excuse my French but we've had some AWESOME SHIT happen recently.

First off, the final design of The Sword of Ahkranox itself has been completed. And here it is:

How awesome is this??? Designed by myself, my lovely wife Nyssa and our lead artist, Rachel Birchnoff. A sword this cool takes three people to come up with lol
I've also started work on the intro cinematic (which will also be the trailer for the game). Here are a few still shots from it:

So yeah. The intro cinematic opens up with a long, slow shot moving through space towards an object languidly floating there, which as the camera moves closer, is revealed to be The Sword. The camera flies past it as the music swells and then it will go into a big dramatic montage of game footage mixed with fully animated scenes.

It has, however, got a truly badass musical score that goes with it, composed and performed by the amazing Pierre Gerwig Langer and fantastic narration by the incredibly talented Steven Kelly. The animation isn't done yet, but since you are a dedicated reader of this blog, I'll let you in on a secret preview of the audio track that goes with it:

Pretty badass, huh?

We've also been developing some of the "decoration" models that will populate the towns, based on some wonderful designs by Nyssa. Here's a couple of previews:

So yes. We have been busy little beavers. More info soon! Hopefully with previews of the fully populated town!