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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Awesome awesome awesome

Excuse my French but we've had some AWESOME SHIT happen recently.

First off, the final design of The Sword of Ahkranox itself has been completed. And here it is:

How awesome is this??? Designed by myself, my lovely wife Nyssa and our lead artist, Rachel Birchnoff. A sword this cool takes three people to come up with lol
I've also started work on the intro cinematic (which will also be the trailer for the game). Here are a few still shots from it:

So yeah. The intro cinematic opens up with a long, slow shot moving through space towards an object languidly floating there, which as the camera moves closer, is revealed to be The Sword. The camera flies past it as the music swells and then it will go into a big dramatic montage of game footage mixed with fully animated scenes.

It has, however, got a truly badass musical score that goes with it, composed and performed by the amazing Pierre Gerwig Langer and fantastic narration by the incredibly talented Steven Kelly. The animation isn't done yet, but since you are a dedicated reader of this blog, I'll let you in on a secret preview of the audio track that goes with it:

Pretty badass, huh?

We've also been developing some of the "decoration" models that will populate the towns, based on some wonderful designs by Nyssa. Here's a couple of previews:

So yes. We have been busy little beavers. More info soon! Hopefully with previews of the fully populated town!

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