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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back on deck

So I've finally finished (I'm fairly sure) the big side job I had to do that was taking up all my time and have dove back into MSoA development. We're up to version MSoA0.00.036 now! I remember when the alpha release was only like version MSoA0.00.015! Such a large distance has been traversed with the development! This morning I did a little bit more inventory work and added in a couple of new fixes:

- There is now a console NoClip mode so that I can reach things faster in the dungeons (for people born in the '90s, NoClip mode means you can walk through walls and other objects without collision)

- Chests can now be walked through (they had a tendency to block up corridors)

- The fluorescent demo armour is now gone and replaced with some nicer looking (but still dodgy) armour.

- You can't click interact with things unless they are directly in front of you now. This was causing a bug when people accessed stairs or hatches that were off to the side.

I'll do a more thorough blog update with a bigger list of planned changes over the coming weeks very soon!

Until then!

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