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Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Video

So I'm always saying I'll get you guys new videos to watch, and here you go!

We're up to alpha build 0.36 now, which is exciting. The last build I showed you was only alpha build 0.15, so we've come quite a long way. You'll have to forgive a few things in this video as there are still a lot of temporary assets in place while things get sorted out.
Anyway, the audio quality is crappy (sorry about that) but you can hear some of the AMAZING vocal work being done for the game by the wonderfully talented Steven Kelly. I'm going to do a proper tribute to the voice actor's work very soon after it all comes in. It really deserves its own video to show it off, so that will be coming shortly when we get a bit more of it in!

Things to note in this vid:

- The weapon animations are all buggered at the moment and are being worked on
- The volume levels of different sounds are a bit of a mess, but they will be fixed eventually
- All of the 3D models you see are either temporary or unfinished
- The UI is going to be changing dramatically. What you see here is the development one we're using just until we get the game working properly
- Why the hell did that fountain disappear? I'll have to look into that...
- I'm totally in love with the item name generation code. The examples in this vid really don't do it justice. It is procedural like the rest of the game and is coming up with names of ancient cities and heroes where the item originated from all on its own. Took a good several months to perfect this system, so I'm really happy with it!

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