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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The no path problem

So I've fully integrated the Dijkstra's algorithm into the game for enemy movement and it works REALLY well, but I have a problem. The algorithm doesn't have any parameters for when no path can be found, and is only appropriate for when there is always guaranteed a path from start to finish. In my case, this is not always so.
For the purpose of getting it working inside the engine I mocked up a simple solution to the problem, but when running the algorithm (with my fix) on a large group of monsters, most of which whom can't find a complete path to their endpoint, it causes big problems in terms of speed; sometimes taking up to 45 seconds to do the thinking for all of the in-game monsters. This will not do, so I need to come up with a better fix (to be fair, my original fix was REALLY haphazard, so I'm not surprised that it sucks balls)
When there IS a clear path from start to finish, the algorithm is solved as quick as lightning, and there is barely any delay to be seen, but I need to be less lazy and more clever to try and sort this thing out.

I'll get there eventually...

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