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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Whoa, what a night!

What a night! Got quite a few things crossed off of the bug/to do list tonight.

Firstly, the first gem in the new user interface is working. The big green gem down the bottom of the screen now lights up when enemies are nearby (whether you can see them or not, actually. It's quite disconcerting)

Secondly, the weapon animations are finally fixed. That was a bizarre problem to fix, too. It had something to do with the way my engine was interpreting the animation data in the file. All of my other in-game models are directX objects, whereas my sword was a .3ds file straight out of 3ds Max. Got it sorted in the end though and now it looks even cooler.

Thirdly, the "take all" button in the chest interface works now, and you read the earlier blog entry regarding the open chests, which is cool.

Fourthly? I laid down some more groundwork ready for the monster A.I rewrite, which will mean an exciting weekend for me (it's a long weekend where I live) which means if all goes well I may have a working combat/A.I system in place ready for the new week! Very exciting!

Well, it is FRIKKING FREEZING here right now, and it's 1am, so I'm going to curl up in bed and get warm.

Talk soon!

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