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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Wind Up My Bum

So after showing the latest build of the game to a couple of people *cough*Ian*cough*Scott*cough* I got a good response, but at the same time it really hilighted to me that even after 18 months of solid work developing this engine and working on all the little things like the lighting and shadowing, control system, texturing, etc, all the game currently allows you to do is basically run around and kick tables over.

Not very fun.

So while in MY head I can see all of the potential for future growth in the game, today really showed me I need to get some serious playability starting to happen. And that means combat! And traps! And secret rooms! And that sort of jazz. So the NEXT time I show people *cough*Ian*cough*Scott*cough* the latest build, they'll actually have something to properly DO in the game and they can like it for more than its smooth-as-butter controls and pretty lighting systems lol

Thanks guys! You've inspired me to work harder, and that is always a good thing :D

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