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Friday, July 29, 2011


So currently there are a couple of really annoying bugs that just won't go away that I need to sort out. So while I'm being driven absolutely bonkers with them, I'm putting the call out to see what sorts of potion and spell ideas people have.
Yes, the potion and spell system in the game is going to be procedural, however I also want to put in some base ones that will be staples of the game.
So far Nyssa, Carl and Tim have come up with some fantastic ideas:

-Surrounding attack
-Chain lightning attack
-Double Speed (double attack, too)
-Wall of fire
-Detect life
-Reveal map
-Projectiles that explode on impact (splash damage)
-Confusion (enemies attack enemies)
-Blinding light (disorients enemies and gives player light)
-Drain Life
-Explode outwards from player
-Power strike (double damage and push back 2 squares)
-Bezerk (double damage but half health)
-Poison Strike (half damage but poisons enemy)
-Pierce (doesn't stop when it hits an enemy)

But I'm always open to more ideas! So feel free to comment on this post with any ideas that you do have.

By the way, monster corpses and smashed crates can now be searched for items! I know it sounds like a simple thing, but it really makes a difference to the game!

I'll be sure to post a video showing you that in action, as well as the awesome new minimap system, very soon!

1 comment:

  1. Well, how about a fire breath spell? Or Ice breath. Something in a cone attack, or one that hits the enemy in front, then blasts outwards from them? A bit of a mix between piercing and explosive?

    Could call it Shaped Charge.