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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lots of new things!

Another week, another death scare. Isn't my life interesting?

Anyway, despite the setback, I've managed to get lots done! There are a few new tricks up the sleeves of the monsters in the game, including them having a "guarding" behaviour of some areas of the dungeons, rather than actively chasing the player. Not all monsters will do this, of course. Just some of them.
The magic system is also now totally completed! Soon I'll start adding scrolls, etc, in chests that the player can find and add to their spellbook.
Another exciting new function is the death-cam! When your player dies, they scream, gurgle a bit and fall to the floor. It's very cool.
I've also incorporated the two voice packs provided by the lovely and talented Rebeka Thomas, and the first voice pack by the wonderful Mr Samuel Drake. Also, until all of the monster sound packs are complete, I have been using the Ork sound pack for all monsters, which was voiced by the amazing Steven Kelly.

All of this will be shown in the next video or two, which - due to internet issues - I am hoping to put up here tomorrow some time! I hope you enjoy!

See you again soon!

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