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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Phew! What a weekend!

So I was a bit ill on Friday and decided to have a 3 day session of resting in front of my lappie working on the game. I got a lot accomplished, though it's all small details I'm afraid, so there's nothing hugely impressive to see. But still, if you're a game developer you may appreciate them anyway. This time I have a video to go along with my claims!

What you will see in the video:

- Several bugs that I am aware of:
- Minimap screws up occasionally
- Chop sound is still played when clicking on an enemy's corpse
- Monsters get stuck in things from time to time
- Fireballs think doorways are solid while open
- You can collect and use scrolls to instantly cast spells now
- You can collect spell books and read them to learn their contents permanently
- You can see what you have equipped in the inventory now
- You start off wearing clothes (rather than just your underpants) (also, please note that the clothing graphics I've used there are VERY temporary)
- Blood spurts out of enemies when they are hit
- You can see how much health, mana and gold you have while in your inventory (handy for when taking potions)
- Monsters now roar when they see or hear you

What you unfortunately WON'T see in the video:

- Sometimes when you smash open a crate, it will leave a pile of debris, which you can click on to find things
- Good balancing of enemy times for the player's level
- Good balancing of pickups for the player. Currently the player finds WAAAAYYY too much good stuff.

We're also currently working on getting heaps of new spells, heaps of new potions and heaps of new items to find (including weapons)

Until next time!

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