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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Slew of New Features

Did I spell that correctly? Slew? It doesn't matter. I'm too excited.

So wow, what a productive last few days I've had! To sum up my latest accomplishments briefly, the game has:

- A functional magic system
- Temporary spell effects
- New potion graphic based on the Ordinary Obscurity designs
- A new weapon (ready for my soon-to-come work on equipping weapons)
- A new chime sound to alert the player when a secret is nearby
- The ability to equip armour
- New graphics to show you which spells you have working (this also works for potions)

Here's a video showing all of it in action:

So yeah, lots of fun stuff! Next up is adding in the spell book menu and dropping procedurally generated spells into chests for the player to find, not to mention some "mystery potions" that may help or hinder you depending on what they do!

Rachel from Ordinary Obscurity has been hard at work and producing some mind blowing stuff as usual. You'll recall the earlier posts with the new tapestry decorations for dungeons? Well, she's pumped out a full set of them now. Here's a small sample of what she's done:

They're going to look amazing decorating the walls of the dungeons! She's also been working on some more super secret stuff for towns and countryside once the player leaves the dungeons (don't forget that the dungeons are only a small part of this game!)

Natalie Snook has also been hard at work on the concept art and so you'll be seeing some more of that very soon. I believe she's been working on the concept of the Dokkalfar, or Dark Elf. The early renders of it I've seen look amazing, so that should be awesome when it gets in!

Samuel Drake, Steven Kelly and Myself have also been hard at work on the new set of monster sounds that will accompany the game! They're going to be super cool, and we're almost at the point where we have ALL of the player voice packs ready! Once they're all together I'll be doing a special post with a special video showcasing them all for you!

Until then, I need to get some well earned sleep! Ciao!

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