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Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's a TRAP!!!

So one big thing has been on my mind lately, and that is the in-game trap system. Dungeon delving needs to involve way more than killing monsters and looting. It also needs to take some brains... So that means traps. Dungeons will be full of them! Some of them will be physical traps (think Indiana Jones sort of nonsense) but others will be magical. Now, this won't always be just limited to the Dungeons. Players will also be able to lay down traps of their own for monsters to step on :D

It's only early days with the work on them, however, here's a bit of a quick preview of a magical fire-trap that the player may encounter:

So yeah, pretty hey! If they were working yet I definitely wouldn't be standing inside one, but you get the idea. If you step on a fire trap, it goes off, and you get roasted. Nasty way to go, too. However, all is not lost! The player will be able to find trap disarm spell books and scrolls that will eliminate magical traps in adjacent squares to them! If you don't have the spell though you'll either have to avoid them, or, if you can't avoid them, bear the brunt of their fury!

There will also be other magical trap types such as mana drain, poison, etc, which you will see later, as well as physical traps like falling rocks, dart launchers, spikes, pits, etc. Those will require special skills to either disarm or set off from a safe distance!

So yeah, this should make dungeon exploration just that little bit more... Deadly...

More soon!


  1. Sounds good. Variety is the key to keep a game fresh, but will some traps be hidden? Maybe with some items letting you detect them as well? I don't really know how stats/skills work.

    You guys should make a blog post about that when those aspects are ready, I'd be very interested.

  2. Oh, we definitely will! Magical traps will be visible, as it will be a bit of a puzzle for the player to deactivate them, however, physical traps will be well hidden. In the screenshots, do you see the three gems at the bottom of the viewing area? The center green one lights up when enemies are close, the one on the left lights up when secrets are close and the one on the right will glow when a trap is nearby. That will be all the warning you get! But that trap could be anywhere within 5 squares of you! So you will have to find and deactivate the trap (or stumble into it and set it off lol)

  3. Oh I was actually wondering what those gems were for. That sounds pretty good.

    By the way I'm that guy (well probably not the only one) who mailed about the beta a few weeks ago

    Just mentioning cause I'll probably post comments here a lot if you don't mind.

  4. It'll be a nice change for someone to comment on this blog, Matt! A bit of praise now and then keeps us going!

  5. Hehe, I imagine. Keep it up. On my side, still anxiously awaiting the time you guys start accepting alpha/beta testers.