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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sounds good!

We've considered ourselves extremely lucky lately in getting two very, VERY talented new team members on the Malevolence project. The first is the music composer Nicolas Lee, who has taken up the position of Lead Composer on the team. He's been hard at work developing the musical score for the game. His latest creation is actually the official theme music for the game, which REALLY sounds amazing! It really sends shivers down our spines when we hear it on the game's main menu!

So it's been really awesome to have an official sort of sound for the game. He's currently working on a more percussive, war-like version of the theme for more dramatic parts of the game. It's not done yet, but it's sounding AMAZING. Welcome aboard, Nicolas!

The second new team member has been a real bonus! We've had the luck to have the very talented Roland Shaw from Spicy Horse Games (American McGee's games company) offer his services to the project. Even though he has only done up a handful of new sounds, they have already COMPLETELY revolutionized the atmosphere of the game. From the sizzling crackle of hot coals to the creaking grate of the rusty iron portcullises, everything seems so much more alive. Every new lot of sounds he produces ups the quality of the game massively, so we are all VERY grateful for his attention. I can't show you a video with his new sounds just yet, but there will be one coming very soon!

Finally, lots of work has been lately by myself and the art team perfecting the lighting of dungeons in the game. The outdoor environments are easy to light. You have the sun, and... Well... That's it... But in the dungeons, we want it to be scary and disorientingly dark, but at the same time feel alive, and lived in. And we've finally gotten it to a point where we're happy with it! So take a look!

So that's coming along well, I think. In the last post you read about the trap system that is being implemented, which has been making a little progress, and is turning out to be as fun as it is scary in the game! We've also been doing quite a bit of work on the magic system. In past videos you will have seen the temporary fireball graphic we put in place to get it working, well now there's a fully-fledged particle system in the game, and when you hurl a fireball down a corridor, you see a burning orb of fire shoot away from you, illuminating the corridors as it flies! It's very exciting and we'll have a video for you very soon!

Until then!

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  1. Definitely love the theme song, very traditional but fitting.
    The lighting is great if a little too dark for me personally in hallways (but if there's a lot of rooms with lighting that's okay too)

    Did that monster bug out at the end? :p

    Oh, I don't use Facebook but you guys should consider making a Twitter for your game and/or studio.

    It's great for indies to get quick communication with fans, and it's a lot more dynamic than Facebook in that sense. All the cool kids are doing it, why not you? ;)

  2. Hello again, Matt! The corridor's darkness is actually intentional. Malevolence is and always has been a throwback to the classic Might and Magic games, in which, without a torch or a light spell, dungeons were completely pitch black except for lit areas. However, we're not going completely like that, as people can still see in dark areas, but only a little. But in the options you can just turn your gamma settings up if it bothers you :-P or carry a torch! (which will be quite common and cheap) or if you learn a good light spell, you can just use that.

    Oh, and yes, the minotaur TOTALLY bugged out.... Very embarrassing... I forgot to fix the bug where they see tapestry squares as solid objects lol

    We do have a twitter for the project, but don't use it right now. Too little time to update it frequently, so we were going to wait until the demo was out to re-launch it. Just look for swordofahkranox