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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Amazing Voices

Hello again!

Now that they're all together in one place, I thought I'd take some time to do up a post celebrating the incredible voice cast that we have on this project. We have been lucky to not only find some wonderful new talent, but have been amazingly fortunate to get on board some internet celebrities from the fan dubbing community! Due to their amazing contributions to the project, Malevolence has grown and evolved into something far deeper and more formed than I could have possibly ever predicted when I started out the project two years ago. Every day I am humbled to be in the presence of so much talent.
Their voices, coupled with the incredibly emotive musical scores of Nicolas Lee and the wonderfully delicious sound effects of Roland Shaw are turning this game into something truly wonderful. So please take the time to listen to and admire these wonderful individuals!


  1. Are all the characters this blood-thirsty?
    Just kidding. Some great stuff right there.

  2. ;) really gives a great feel to the game. It's a shame you're not a Sydney resident! We'll be putting the game on display at the GAME festival at the end of the month for everyone to try!

  3. Heh yeah I'm in Canada, tough luck.

  4. With luck one day the game will be big enough for us to go to some of the worldwide conventions :) Hopefully the one this month will be the first of many!

  5. Yeah, seriously good luck out there, hope you get some fans and the word out!

  6. As do we! Thank you for the well wishes :)