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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quick one...

Just a quick post to show off the magical weapon that will be hidden somewhere in the demo for people to find! It is called The Blade of the Dokkalfar and was designed by Natalie Jane!

That's the in-game model, by the way :D

In the full version, magical weapons - along with most other things - will be procedurally generated, but in the demo, there will be a limited list of things you can find.

Until next time! Exciting things coming soon, so stay tuned!


  1. That looks really great! All my praise to her.

    One question, I read that you want to release the demo in a couple months and the full game by the end of next year, but why? Wouldn't the demo not represent the full game at all?

  2. Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean?

  3. I meant that if the time between the demo and the full game is a year, wouldnt they both be very different?

  4. Ah, actually no! The code that controls dungeon exploration will be identical in the demo to how it will be in the full game (just with a few extra features), but in the demo, the player will start at the bottom of a dungeon, fight their way to the top, explore some countryside (limited) and enter a town, which will end the demo. The next time they play the demo they'll do the same thing, however, the dungeon will be totally different and so will the countryside. Items, maps, the works. The full version has an unlimited version of this, will let you save your game, and also have the quest system (and also the ability to enter and explore towns lol)

  5. Every time you play the demo, you'll get a whole new game, which should keep people interested :) but you'll have only 1 dungeon and 3x3km of countryside to play in. Full version will NEVER END!!! MUAHAHAHAAAA

    *clears throat* excuse me...