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Monday, October 17, 2011

Trap Disarming is Done :)

So now when your "near trap" gem lights up, you can start searching the floor and ceiling for traps! If you're lucky enough, you'll find one before it finds you. But even if you do manage to find it, you now have to disable the trap by navigating one of the blue gems from the gold slot to the silver slot. Sometimes you'll be lucky and get a trap that has three gems and rusty pincers, other times you'll be unlucky and only get one gem and some very well-oiled, fast moving pincers. Either way, you only need to get one gem into the silver slot to disarm the trap permanently!

For those who hate minigames, there are in-game items that disarm traps automatically. Not just scrolls, but mechanical aids as well, which are good for several uses :)


  1. Well I have to admit it's pretty good (and pretty quick so not too bad) and good idea to make the gem have a capped speed or else it would've been extremely easy for us with high DPI mice :p

    I love the new minimap by the way!

  2. Hello again! Yeah, I was finding I could just snap the mouse downward and skip everything ;-)

    Eventually people will get tired of playing the minigame though, so most players will just buy trap locks which will be fairly accessible and can be used to disarm a trap immediately.

    Picking locks will also have a minigame but people will be able to buy skeleton keys which have a small chance of breaking on every use, so most people will just stock up on those, too.

    In general gameplay, the minigames will only be played as a last resort when you're trapped at the bottom of a dungeon and are out of resources :-P