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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We totally listen to you guys...

So we've had a bit of noise coming our way about the "snap" movement of the camera when you let go of the free-look button. As you would have seen in previous videos, the camera just sort of snaps back to one of the 90 degree angles. N, S, E or W.

However NOW, the camera will gently glide into those angles, making for a much less jarring interface :)

We also added an (optional) bob animation when you move, just in case you decide you like that sort of thing. Having it enabled also does away with the "on rails" effect that is easy to develop with games like this! Let us know what you think!

P.S. Please ignore the numbers being printed onto the screen. They're for our testing and won't be there in the final game.


  1. This IS a lot better, but is there a reason why we can't have completely free look and it only snaps back (the new smoother snap) when you move?
    Though I guess it doesn't really matter since you'd hold free look anyway.

    By the way, it seems like you're still having trouble with video capture software? What are you using?

    Got excited at the magic weapon too :p

  2. We're using CamStudio for capture. It's the only one we've found that gets a decent framerate without taking up gigs and gigs of space (since it can render into XVID)

    Holding freelook is quite easy as it defaults to the right mouse button :) personally, I don't even use the turn controls anymore, I just use the mouse!

  3. I assume you've tried FRAPS? That's really the one that lags the least for games... And yeah it does take up a few gigs when capturing but since your videos have been under 1 minute so far, it's not a big deal once you compress them.

  4. Yeah, we used fraps at first, but could only ever get a framerate of about 15fps, whereas with CamStudio we get an average of 30fps.

    What did you dislike about our captures to point it out, may I ask?

  5. Well it's clearly lagging, which is strange for the graphics of the game (of course it's in alpha so I might be wrong really)
    That's about it, but you mentioned it yourself a couple days ago.

  6. Suits its purpose I guess lol but soon... SOON! people will be able to play it themselves! muahahahaa

  7. Deadly Dungeons is an Android game that does this:
    Free look. Look where you want. No view snapping happens at all, UNTIL you move at which point the view returns to a direct-ahead angle.

    I still feel this would be a better solution than ANY sort of "hold the mouse button", and I would strongly suggest that CQ re-thinks using the latter. What if I want to keep staring at the corner of a wall? :P

  8. Hold the mouse button down :-P

    Not going to change it, sorry. Too many votes for the way it is.