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Monday, November 7, 2011

A bit Testy...

So just to keep everyone in the loop, initial Alpha Testing has begun ready for the demo release.

There's a two-stage testing process for the game. The first build that the testers have received is a simple benchmarking app that lets them know how well the game will run on their computer. It loads up a demo dungeon level and runs some monsters through it while allowing the user to run some simple video stress tests on the system to see how well it performs.

The second stage will be the actual alpha itself, which will hopefully be ready for the team by next week! In order to do the alpha test, the game needs to have an asset lockout, meaning that all of the in-game assets are finalized (with a couple of exceptions). However, due to a change in plans, the test team will initially get an "incomplete build" which means they will only get the dungeon portion of the demo given to them, and while they test it, the countryside portion will be being completed. At the end of every week, they will receive a new build of the game that has fixed a heap of bugs that they have found, and they'll get to testing again!

Eventually they'll get a build with the countryside portion done, and they'll test that, then once all of the issues have been ironed out, the demo will be released for everyone to play! Yay!

We've been super worried that there might be compatibility problems between various people's computers, but 5 of the 11 test members have gotten back to us so far with confirmations that it works just fine :D

Hopefully we have as much success with the full alpha!

Stay tuned!

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