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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Blade of the Dokkalfar

So we mentioned a while back that we're sneaking a single magical weapon into the demo for you to play with (full version will have infinite) but it's finally done! Introducing the Blade of the Dokkalfar, designed by our very own Natalie Jane!

Looks pretty swish, hey? Here's a quick video showing it cutting down some evil foes!

So yes, that should be fun for you to try and find! We're doing some serious work on the leveling system which will play a big part in the demo, and we've changed our minds and decided to let you save/load games in the demo. Some of the dungeons it generates are just FAR too big to be cleaned out in a single game play session!

Also, some of the alpha testers have asked permission to "leak" out some game play run-throughs on YouTube for you to have a perv on before the demo comes out.

Also, please, please, PLEASE, if you haven't already, check out our Facebook, Twitter and IndieDB sites and join up. We're a very small, out of the way indie dev team and the only way we can have any real chance of success is by getting the word out there! So tell everyone you know, post a link on your website or blog or social networks, and let people know we're out here! When it comes to indie games, it all starts with word of mouth! All of our idols such as the id Software guys, the kick-ass Mojang crew and Rovio Mobile all started out as just humble developers with a dream, and that's us right now, so let everyone know about us and in return we'll keep working to bring you all the GREATEST RPG EVER CONCEIVED!


  1. I'm tracking Ahkranox on indieDB now (but I wish there was a straightforward integration into their digital platform Desura; which I use much more frequently than the DB sites themselves), and I *would* check out your Facebook or Twitter if only I had any (active) accounts on those services.

    That said, for a niche product like yours I think good old-fashioned forums and RPG communities (like RPGWatch etc.) are better places to promote yourself than the mainstream social networks where I'd imagine small indie devs easily get lost in the flood.

    Cool sword, by the way; if you're giving away that kind of impressive-looking stuff in the demo I can't wait to see what will be included in the full version...

  2. Hi Demiath! If you're a member of any of those forums we'd much appreciate a plug here and there! Given how hard we're working on the game, we don't really have much time for PR, so we're relying on our fans to talk about us!

    Yeah, we really love this sword! Our concept art lead, Natalie, did a REALLY good job on it, and has many more awesome surprises in store for the full version!