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Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Magic!

So we've decided to be a bit more generous with the demo and have allowed access to a few new spells:

- Invisibility (temporarily makes the player invisible to all enemies, however, striking an enemy with your weapon will cause the invisibility to be dispelled)
- Invulnerability (temporarily makes the player immune to monster attacks. Traps and magic, however, will still harm you)
- Teleport (instantaneously transports the player to a random nearby square. Handy when you're cornered by an ogre!)

So yeah, they're pretty fun to play with. Currently they're only in scroll form, but this weekend we'll make the spell books for them and maybe even put a couple of them as random potion properties!

Until next time!


  1. Nice. I wonder; is the teleportation *completely* random so that you can end up in a trap or a bottomless chasm or something hilariously nasty like that? (in old dungeon crawlers you could of course end up inside a wall, which wasn't all that pleasant)

  2. Everything good comes with a risk ;-P