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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Just Throwing This Out There...

Got a quick question for the fans/watchers of the project!

So we've been doing a LOT of work on the procedural item generation and we've decided that we really want to give you more weapons to play with in the demo, but we've had a bit of a change in direction regarding the way we're thinking of using weapons.

Fans of the classic RPGs that we're inspired by will notice a large, glaring difference between the classics and Malevolence, and that is the fact that the weapon you're holding is visible on the screen, and you can see it during combat. In the old games, that wasn't the case. You just got a "swoosh" or "blood splat" sort of graphic come up on the screen when you attacked. Perhaps an arrow would appear if you were using a bow.

So what we're thinking of doing is possible removing the visible weapon from the game, and making Malevolence keep a little truer to the classics. Instead of the visible viewport weapon we'd probably tweak the UI to have an icon of your readied weapon in the sidebar.

Really what we want to know is wether you, the future players of Malevolence, would prefer it to be kept the way it is, or keep it old school. We're leaning towards old-school, but we'd like to know what you think!


  1. Is it possible to toggle weapons on and off? I like what I see so for an want to see more, but I think it would be cool to cater to both old and new gamers. Have you seen or played The Dark Spire on the Nintendo DS? That's an excellent example of a game that uses both old school and modern visuals to present players a choice in how they view the game. Granted, it's a total Wizardry clone, but it's a REALLY good one.

  2. The thing with that is that we want to give you all HEAPS of toys to play with, but having to model, texture and animate each of the toys takes a massive toll on development time...

    More modern games such as Legend of Grimrock have done away with visible weapons, so perhaps we can too...

  3. Well I personally wouldn't mind either way, so I would say go for it. It might even look better in terms of animation than what's currently in there.

  4. I think Grimrock did a really classy job with it (totally can't wait to play that game, even if it IS real time and not procedural)

    Let's hope we can do as good a job! But hey, it means much more variety in weapons!