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Monday, December 12, 2011

Light in the Dark Places

We've finally added torches to the game! You may have noticed that Malevolence is a very DARK game.

This is actually a deliberate homage to the games we're trying to bring back to life. Back in the day, if you went into a dungeon without a torch or magic light spell, it was PITCH BLACK. We didn't want to go that far, but we wanted to make it hard for people to navigate without light. Torches will help fix that issue. They're fairly common in the game, but don't last long before they burn out. They also provide TERRIBLE light. It doesn't reach far, and it's very wavery. Because of this, your best bet is to find and learn a light spell, which is much more stable and illuminating.

You'll also notice that we've also done a really big overhaul of the combat graphics. The weapon swing graphic has been finalized, the new block graphic is in place, and there is now extra gore for when the player gets hit, just to make you remember that you're being hurt! Extra stomach-churning goodness! Monster blood has also been lightened up so that it's easier to see when you've landed a hit.

Keep an ear out for the wonderful vocal work of Samuel 'BossTrigger' Drake as the player character and the Imp, David 'AussieRoth' Doyle as the savage Lizardman Warrior and Steven 'Sarifus' Kelly as the Goblin and Ork!

Please keep in mind - as always - that the above video is a WORK IN PROGRESS, and, as such, it's still a little unrefined! So be nice :)

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