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Saturday, December 10, 2011

More new stuff!

We've been hard at work adding in new content to the game. Check it out!

First of all, you might remember the last post where we showed you the early rendition of the procedural weapon icon generator. Well, we've since started adding some colour and texture to the generator! Check it out!

So that's really starting to take shape! We totally geek out about this whenever we run it.

We've also been doing some work on the attack graphics. We've thinned out the default weapon swoosh graphic, and added in a new block graphic (which we're not yet happy with, but it's a work in progress) and lightened the enemy blood to make it easier to see. Still no graphic for when the player gets hit, and all of what you see is still being worked on, but this is at least a good chance for you to see what the game plays like these days. Sorry for the frame rate on the video. Hard to capture when you're running the game over the top of a full development environment :-S

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