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Sunday, December 4, 2011

There! Now quit asking about it :-P

So regular readers of the blog will know that a pet peeve of mine has been all of the people who are either too young to remember the classics, or people who simply weren't interested in them when they were out sending us emails asking us why the game's UI is the way it is... I've had my rants about it in the past, but I have also mentioned that we had plans for an optional slimline UI for those people to use, while the rest of us fans of the classics can use the more classical UI system. Well, it's done and ready! Here is a video that shows the comparison between the two!

Now people have no reason to email or comment saying that they hate the UI design ;-)

I'll say again though, that this was always the plan. We just took our time implementing it since it was fairly low-priority on the to-do list. But it's here to stay now, so we hope you enjoy it!

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