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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


You're in a pitch black room and you can hear something REALLY big breathing in the darkness. You reach into your pack and pull out a torch, igniting it and flooding the room with light.
On the other side of the room a Minotaur sees you, its' beady, black eyes lusting for your blood. It charges at you, full speed... What do you do?

Well, so far in Malevolence, all you've been able to do was draw your weapon and stand firm. Or, if you're lucky, maybe lob a fireball at it and hope for the best...

But no longer! Because we've started doing work to put ranged weapons into the game!

It's only in its very early stages at the moment, but it's definitely looking pretty damn cool!

We're keeping the visible projectile white in the same way that weapon swings and blocks are white. We've decided to just stick with that look for anything representing the player, since in the final game the player will be able to find all sorts of different arrow types and even craft their own, so we're using one universal "flying arrow" graphic.

Also, the sounds you hear in this vid are all temporary until our sound engineer gets the final effects to us :)

So we'll keep you posted while this is worked on, as we're very excited about it!

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