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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Outdoor Assets!

So with the outdoor environments will come new assets. Here's a sneak preview!

Out in the wilderness, the player will encounter all sorts of things. Towns, cities, dungeons, graveyards, mountains, oceans, and sometimes, they will find these old ruins of civilizations long past. There will usually be some goodies to find in them, and, if the player is lucky enough, the ruin will have an undercroft that they will be able to go down in and explore!

So anyway, we thought we'd show off some of the new assets being made! This set took about an hour and a half to do, but texturing and UV unwrapping took about 8 more hours. But you should get to see them in the game in the upcoming videos!

Most of our other work has been getting the advanced lighting working outside, so that it looks prettier, as well as adding water bodies such as lakes, rivers and oceans! So stay tuned! New videos will be up soon!

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  1. That looks fantastic!
    There isn't any chance I could get in on alpha testing, is there? I know that the demo is coming in ~6 months, but that still seems like a while away.
    If not, I can understand your reasons why you wouldn't want to release your game to some random person over the internet.

  2. That looks freaking sweet, and pretty high quality too!

  3. @Matt: Thanks man! Can't wait to put them into the engine. The ruins are going to be being assembled by the procedural engine, so even I don't know what they'll look like in the end! Definitely have a video up once it's working!

    @Stratovarius: Thank you! With the alpha testing, there's every possibility. You basically just need to convince us that you won't run off with the game assets, since in the early alpha stage, they aren't yet encrypted. We'd hate for them to end up in other games or on sharing sites :S

  4. @CumQuat
    I don't have anything to convince you with other than my word. I wouldn't ever try to hurt a game as awesome as this, you can be assured I wouldn't run off with the game assets.

  5. Sounds good enough for me! I'll hook you up when I get the chance to sit down and introduce another batch of testers :)

  6. That's awesome! I look forward to it!