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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Browsing Around Town

Huzzah! Basic outdoor town functionality is complete! Now we can move onto interiors! Once that's done, we'll be linking it all together and passing it on to our test team!
Now when we say 'basic outdoor town functionality' we mean BASIC. B.A.S.I.C. Our aim right now is to just get it working. Now that it's working we can add in all the little features and functionality and assets and polish to make it perfect, but at the same time we can always be happy and confident knowing that it's working just fine. Here's a video, but keep in mind that it's BASIC FUNCTIONALITY ONLY!

With the asset creation, we've also got a little behind the scenes clip for you. Lately we've been showing you the behinds the scenes work of Nicolas and Natalie on their areas of the game, so here's a little peek into the work of Alex, our 3D modeller, working on a new building asset for the towns:

Also, while we've got you, we've noticed that some people are a little confused as to what Malevolence will actually be. Apparently a lot of you are hearing "infinite world" and assuming that we mean random world generation. Just so that everyone is on the same page, we want you to know that we'd never stoop to that! Malevolence has a true, persistent, procedurally generated 3D world which is literally infinite. You can walk for a million miles in one direction, then return to the spot you came from and it'll all still be there. Not only is that the case, but everyone else playing the game will be in an exact copy of the same world. So if you, for example, find an amazing catacomb somewhere that you particularly enjoyed, you'll be able to tell your friends about it and they'll be able to go and explore the exact same catacomb that you did (although item generation is based on a time coefficient, so the loot might be different for them). But the same goes for towns, dungeons, forests, mountains, NPCs and virtually everything else in the game. You're going to LOVE it.

Still, we get our share of nay-sayers, trolls and flamers in our line of work, but we have one simple thing to say to them!

To the haters, we say, look elsewhere for your gaming experiences. To our fans we say, you are in for a real treat with this game! And we thank EVERYONE who has taken the time to send us nice messages, post supportive comments and tell everyone they know about us! To a humble indie team, the dedication that some people have been showing to this project is just staggeringly awesome. You guys ROCK!!!

We'll be back with more soon! In the meantime, join us on the social networks!


  1. Just a quick question that occured to me, you talked about world sharing so I assume sending the file to somebody else. But with an infinite world, what kind of file sizes are we going to look at? Sounds like they'd be huge.

    1. Nah, it's hard to describe it without people thinking that lol everyone who plays the game is in their own world, but that world is identical between people. Kind of like how everyone who plays Skyrim is playing in the same world. So if you find something cool while playing Malevolence, you will be able to tell a friend where it is, and they'll be able to load up their copy and go find it.

    2. waaait... so it's infinite, but say someone travels and generates new land for 5 hours, it's the exact same as someone else's game?

    3. Correct. If you start a new game and wander north for 10,000 miles, then east for 5,000 miles, then get a friend on another PC to do the same thing, you will both be standing in the same place in your respective games.
      No random generation here, only true procedural generation :)

    4. Okay, now I see why you've tried to separate the two constantly. Even I was confused (and somewhat disappointed now in a way, but I understand) before you clarified.

    5. Why disappointed, may I ask? Every time you start a new character you'll start in a random place within an infinite world, so it'll be very similar to playing in a randomly generated world. There will quite literally ALWAYS be new places to explore!

    6. Oh okay I get what you mean. Yeah that's alright with me.

    7. Very glad to hear that. You had me worried for a second there! :D

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