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Friday, March 16, 2012

A Call to Arms!!!

Boy do we have awesome stuff to show you!

First of all, if you can bear to stand my thick Australian accent, I have a short video showing what the back-end processing for the biome system looks like:

It's only short, we know, but a lot of you do or are interested in making games, so it's always interesting to see the behind the scenes stuff, I find.

Now, the big news... The core team for this project lives and works out of Australia. In Australia, we don't have access to Kickstarter, otherwise we would have started one for this project ages ago. But we did find a similar site that offers the service in our country. It's called IndieGoGo and it's pretty much the same thing as Kickstarter, only it's available to more countries. Anyway, we've started a fund on there!

"Why do that?" you may ask "don't you have enough money to make the game?". Well... Yes and no... We have no financial backing whatsoever. The entire project has been being funded by my day job, and the generosity of team members. My income is limited, but while I can afford to finish production of the game, it can only be to a certain level. With financial backing, this game can really shine since we'll be able to hire more animators, artists, etc to make the thing really rock!

The good thing about places like IndieGoGo and Kickstarter though, is that when people donate, they don't do so with no return. You will get some awesome perks for donating to the project.

The main exciting point on this, however, is that any donation of $25 or over, essentially makes you have a preorder down for the game, guaranteeing you a copy when it's released. Higher donation values will land you either a hardcopy of the game (as opposed to the digital download that the game will be) or even a special edition hardcopy.

Once the demo is released on Desura, we'll be taking pre-orders anyway (also through Desura) but the IndieGoGo site gives you some added bonuses as well, like t-shirts, posters, art books, even getting your name in the credits!

So please, head on over to our IndieGoGo page and have a look around! And, most of all, PLEASE SHARE THE LINK around as much as possible to grab people's attention! Simply click this image below to visit the page!

That's all for now, but we're making some really great progress on the countryside exploration, so stay tuned to hear more about that.


  1. Good luck in the fundraising, I've passed it along to my friends and hopefully some people who can get the word out.