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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just Because We're Proud!

We have a few new screenshots we'd like to show off to you, just because we're SUPER proud of how this game is shaping up. Plus, we have a few new (and a couple of returning) team members on the project whom we'd like to introduce!

So, where to begin? Well, we've been doing more work on the overworld portion of Malevolence, and in doing so have got some juicy new screenshots to show you all:

The walls of a small city

Dungeons are spawning now, though it took us a good half an hour of
wandering around to find this one...

Yeah, we know you've seen guard towers, but this one was near a ruin! Yay!

This ancient ruin was underwater, which looks REALLY cool...

So what about these artists? Well, Rachel is back, for starters, after a bit of a break to focus on other things, and she's back with a vengeance, pumping out all of the pieces for the procedural weapons generator. She's just finished all of the dagger pieces for the demo and is moving on to the other weapons classes as we speak:

We also have recruited one Carrie Oglesby to the team, so give a warm welcome to her. You'll be seeing some of her work as time goes on, but please join us in welcoming her to the project! We're also welcoming two other artists, but we'll get you more details on them soon. We've also brought back another familiar face, Sophie Davidson! Many of our more recent followers won't know this, but Malevolence actually started out as a card game (a very cool card game) but we couldn't find investors to be able to publish it, so we decided to make a video game of the card game to raise the money to publish the card game. That was about two years ago, and... Well... The video game sort of got out of hand and everyone went bezerk about it haha. Well, to get back on topic, Sophie was one of the wonderful artists on the original card game project (which still exists, but is on hold). Sophie has come back on board to work on the art you will see in the game's intro cinematic, which you can hear the wonderful narration for here (voiced by Karen Kahler):

But new artists isn't all that's going on. We've also recently brought on board the twice published author Ryan A Span, who has also written for games such as Mount & Blade and UFO: Alien Invasion. We feel very lucky to have someone as high profile as him on the project and look forward to seeing what he comes up with to breathe a bit more life into this game.

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