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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Sights to See

Well, the countryside (in it's very rough form) has been submitted to a couple of our wonderful test team, even though it's only foliage and ruined temples at the moment, but their testing will provide valuable insight into how it runs on other people's machines. It's not so much bug testing at the moment, moreso performance testing.

Speaking of bugs, though, the testers may find one or two if they look hard enough. Check out this video!

We've added insects to the game, just to make things seem a little bit more alive!

We've also - since submitting to test - added in the very first sign of recent civilization. Guard towers! In the game, the guards of the Blade Clergy erect towers at regular intervals through the countryside to keep an ever-vigilant watch for orcs and goblins and other creatures that would raid and pillage their way through towns. The player will be able to visit these towers and gain valuable insight into the nearby towns (or steal stuff, but that's another part of the game altogether)

We'll be adding more stuff quite rapidly now. Our art team has been doing some pretty damn impressive work on the procedural weapon generation system and it's looking better than ever, so you may well get to see some of that soon!

While working on the countryside we've had a couple of quite humorous bugs pop up, too. One time, we got the shader code horribly wrong and the game became fairly psychadelic:

And we also found a GIGANTIC mushroom in the forest, which was a bug, but we decided to keep it (though finding a massive one like this will be quite rare)

But anyway, remember to support our IndieGoGo campaign and share the link around like crazy:

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