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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Yours is the world, and everything in it...

So we've been rabbiting on for ages on how big the game world is in Malevolence *cough*infinite*cough* but what have we shown??? O_o

Well, in this very short blog update, we have a present for you! It's the very first view of an entire world section in the game! This isn't looking on the actual 3D world in-game, it's a graphical representation of the world data that generates the world around the player. You'll see something a bit like this on your in-game map though:

Basicallty, blue is water, brown is desert, green is tablelands and the grey areas are the icy regions. Looking forward to exploring it? We sure hope so.

It's still looking a little fractally at the moment, which we're working on (we don't like this because it's not actually generated using fractals >_<) but let me just give you a sense of the scale that we're talking here...

See this inland sea?

That sea, my friends, is roughly the size of the entire in-game world of Skyrim. Mmmhmm. We're not lying. And remember, this image is only showing a small fraction of Malevolence's in-game world of Ahkranox. The game world is INFINITE. It goes on forever.

So once this is more integrated with the 3D engine, keep a look out for more screenshots like this:

So ponder that fact when you get the game and you're sitting in a fishing boat on the Sea of Skyrim ;-)


  1. Cool. I should be able to find a Daedric Soul Sucking Adamantium Laced +10 Vs Dark Ass Kicking Broadsword in there somewhere. :D

    1. Hahaha it's a big world, you never know!