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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Bit Spooky

So we've been busy adding new content to the game, as you know, and our latest addition is graveyards, which are turning out to be VERY scary. Here are some early screenshots:

So as you can see, they're much more frightening at night time, but they will be the home of the undead in the game. You will be able to enter the mausoleums and tombs and raid them for goodies (if you survive). There are humorous messages on the tombstones, but they're written in Ahkrani, so you'll have to decipher them yourself ;)

However, the graveyards are only about 50% done so far, so we'll update you further when they're finished.

We've also received some new art assets from Rachel for weapon generation! Here are some examples of weapons that the game generated using her art!

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