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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Countryside sounds good, too!

It's amazing how adding sounds to a game can make it actually look better, but it's true! We've started adding sound into the outdoors.
I feel I should remind everyone that we are INSANELY lucky on this project to have as our lead Sound Engineer, the one and only Roland Shaw. Here's an amazing video showcasing his work:

So Roland has been working with us for about eight months now, and between he and Alex Norton, the Creative Director, came up with all of the sounds you heard in the dungeon segment of the game. Now, they've been hard at work on the outdoors. Combine that with the INCREDIBLE music score being hand-crafted by Nicolas Lee, and you get results that have to be seen and heard to be believed:

Underneath all of the environmental sounds plays an intelligent ambient sound system, which is not just an ambient sound loop but instead an intelligent piece of software that chooses the right ambient sounds to play at the right time. If you are hanging around in one place for too long at night, for example, you'll hear the wolves starting to come in. If you've been quiet for too long, the owls will start calling, etc. In this video, we've stripped away the environmental sounds so that you can hear the ambient sound engine at work:

Rachel has also been hard at work pumping out even MORE weapon components. This time to make us some Claymores! They're looking pretty damn tasty, too.

So that's coming along nicely, too. We're also welcoming Carrie Oglesby to the team, as you may have read in earlier posts. She's started work on some new loading screens for us, but will have more detailed work coming up:

We're very lucky to have her on board, and we'll be announcing two new artists very soon, too, if all goes well!
Anyway, back to work for us, and we'll keep you updated as more new fun stuff happens!
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