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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Geeky Eye Candy

Well, well, well, we've been pumping out the features for Malevolence lately! Not much info for this post, sorry, but LOTS of fun things to look at. We'll also try to describe each picture for you...

A dungeon!

A farm! Complete with windmill, haystack and hidden sheep!

Also a pig! Yay!

The farmhouse at night, with the moon shining its ghostly light.

An ancient ruin having a bath.

A distant watchtower out past a ruined temple.

Our updated forests! Now with extra lushness!

Water is also looking MUCH nicer.

Also by night things look nice, too.

A henge during twilight.

A different henge in the early evening.

Sunset over an ancient ruin!

Sunset over a farm! (we like sunsets)

 Twilight... Much better in Malevolence than it is in the movies...

So that's all for now. There'll be more stuff over the coming week and Hyfrydle32 should have a new Let's Play video up relatively soon, which will be positively smashing!

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  1. Lovely work! Nice to see a game announcement today that's NOT an April Fools' Day joke (do they even celebrate that non-holiday down there?)


    1. Lamentably they do, though I've spent the last several years severely punishing anyone who plays an April fool's joke on me, so everyone's learned now ;)

      Thanks for the praise! We LOVE the way it's looking. We'll be putting up some real-time footage sometime today :)