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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Two Pints Please!

In a nice twist, we've been given a very powerful nudge forward in progress :) Steve Finney from Arteria3d has offered us a lifetime membership to his site, allowing us to progress our development work much faster. His work is really quite good and if you make games, I recommend checking it out!
The first of his assets that we've settled on to use is the tavern, which is totally awesome. Check it out!

So that's helped us out quite a bit. We've been working closely with our test team to try and perfect the countryside code and make it as efficient as possible. So far with good results, too!

We've also added witch's huts to the wilderness! The witches in Ahkranox have all the very best poisons, and will help you to mix your own potions and learn alchemy, but be very wary, as they're more dangerous than they seem...

 Also, watch this space, as Hyfrydle32 has told us that there's another Let's Play video in the works (so we'd better stop being lazy and get him a new alpha build!)

That's really all for now, but expect a bigger post soon.

One thing I'd like to point out before I go, though, is the comments we've been getting regarding Legend of Grimrock. People keep commenting saying that it's the same as Malevolence, and I'd like to set a few things straight.

Firstly, I'd like to say that I and the rest of the team are BIG fans of that game. It's epic. We've spoken to the guys, too, and they're an awesome bunch. The game is totally fun, its graphics and design are GORGEOUS and we highly recommend that you buy it and play it to death. But please, please, please keep in mind that Malevolence and Grimrock are two very, very different games. The only things that they have in common are the movement style and the fact that they are both medieval fantasy games.

Here are the main differing points:

Legend of Grimrock                Malevolence
Real-Time                               Turn-Based
All Indoors                               Can go outside
Party-based                            You play as one character
Fixed level design                   Procedural world generation
Puzzle-based                          Quest and character progression based

So, as you can see, very different games. Please don't look at the grid-based movement and assume that it's the same game.

All that being said though... GO AND BUY IT! We've been playing it, and it's HEAPS of fun, and looks incredible as well. Almost Human Games have done an incredible job of it, and it's been well worth the wait.

Anyway, more soon. Stay tuned!


  1. Will there be any sort of level cap, or are you able to play until your character is so powerful that nothing in the game is able to take you down? Is there a limit on how difficult dungeons can be?

    1. Actually, that part of how the game works is something we're quite proud of. It was definitely a conundrum - I mean, how do you maintain any sort of usable character progression in an infinite world? But we came up with a rather elegant solution which is unlike anything we've seen in another game. We did a blog post about it last year. Definitely worth a read! :D