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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Back to Town!

Hello again!

First off, I want to do a GIANT thank you shout out to everyone who's helped out on the KickStarter page! It's only been one week and we've already surpassed HALF of our total goal! Thank you all so much!

So we've been working on towns a bit lately, and I thought I'd show you where we're at with that! If you follow us on Facebook you'll have already seen this image, but we've got some really cool town buildings thanks to our friends over at Arteria3D, which we've re-worked a bit for the game, and they assemble quite well into very fun-looking towns to explore!

They're looking absolutely amazing and they're really quite fun to explore! I've done up a very rough video showing them off a little bit. It's quite cool to wander around the towns, even if they're not yet textured or lit properly!

If you listen closely in that video you can also hear some of the incredible music that our composer Nicolas Lee has been writing for the towns! We love it!

Anyway, don't forget to share our KickStarter link around and go over to visit it. We've put up a few cool updates since we last mentioned it on here!

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