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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Progressing with Procedural Towns

We've progressed a bit with town generation, check it out!

This is where we were:

We then got the correct movement system happening and put in all 27 building types to see how well they assembled, which looked like this:

This really got us excited, since we started to see a glimpse of what towns will eventually be like! But then we got to this stage:

With textures starting to be applied, things started looking really quite cool, but still REALLY basic as there were still limited models and no lighting yet.
So, just to let you know where we're up to (and to show we haven't been lazy!) we have a (still early) video showing the towns with some of the advanced lighting in place!

All of the shaders are running at default settings for now, so it looks awful, and there are still only demo textures and no props, etc, but take a look at the progression we've made through these few videos, and imagine what it's going to look like in the end! Yay!
Also, our KickStarter is at $4200! That's 70% of our goal! And we still have something like 17 days left to go! So please, please, PLEASE keep sharing the link! Post it on forums, share it on FaceBook and Twitter! Let everyone know! You're doing awesome so far, so keep it going!
We've put up a heap of new reward levels, including one where YOU CAN STAR IN THE GAME!!! So be sure to keep checking back on it! Just click the image below!

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  1. Looking very promising. Reminds me of Skara Brea

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  3. Question: When you mention there are 27 building types does that mean the same buildings over and over again or are the buildings unique in size, layout and interiors?

    Also, I wanted to mention how cool I think this project is. I wish I could have gotten in on the Kickstarter but I just heard about it. I will be watching your blog very closely. I enjoy your descriptions and videos.

    As a developer myself I have always played around with ideas on how to create infinite type games. It is awesome to find someone who just didn't think about it but went out it pursued it!

  4. I wanted to add that if the buildings are identical than you may want to expand the catalog of building types by quickly creating them in something like Medieval4D (I am not sure I can post links here but if you Google it you should find it.) At the very least maybe it'll give you some ideas for how to generate them in-game.

  5. Have you considered pre-orders yet? Perhaps those who pre-order can beta test?

  6. Sorry (another question I hope you can get to when you read your blog again). Have you considered enabling 8 direction movement at least for land travel (just move to diagonal square)? That would help overcome the jagged\awkward movement when travel a long distance quickly. The current movement for dungeons is fine.

  7. Hi Steven and Rose! Sorry, only just noticed these questions! (Been a bit crazy with the KickStarter and now SupaNova!)
    Let me see about answering some of them!
    Firstly, there are 27 building "layouts" which means the floorplans of those buildings will be the same from town to town, but the furniture, etc, inside will always be different. In this way it's a bit similar to Daggerfall.
    The KickStarter was our initial run of pre-orders, but we'll be eventually starting a new set (a bit closer to release) at full retail price (AUD$25)
    We're sticking with the 4 directional movement (with strafing) as this is a nod to classic FPRPGS like Might & Magic. If this game is popular enough, though, we have a sequel planned that will be smooth-moving like The Elder Scrolls games! :)
    I hope this answers everything! Sorry for the late reply!