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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Getting the Right Model

So we're welcoming two new modellers onto the team! Up until now it had been Alex, the lead developer also handling all of the 3D models, along with some very generous help from Steve at Arteria3D, but no more! Alex can focus on coding and the new modellers Greg and Ethan can do their thing.

First up is Greg Schneider, who has been working on his torture chamber subterranean tileset. So far untextured, but it's coming along great, complete with secret walls, blood-drains, wall manacles and torture implements:

After Greg we've also brought on Ethan Noble of Devour Games who has been hard at work constructing the abandoned mine tileset that you'll be able to venture through. Not finished texturing yet, and focusing on detailing the wall segments first, but already it's looking incredible!

We'll keep you posted on how both of these shape up, and post video run-throughs of them when they're completed! Stay tuned!


  1. I think I may have just done a little love wee. Looking at the game being played has been great, but to be honest I have been concerned at the lack of variety in the tilesets at present. It is good to see progress, and looking so good too.

    1. Oh man, I have not laughed that hard in a while lol thanks! Yes, there will be a total of about 8 tilesets in the game, and more in the expansion :)

  2. Great looking work! Can't wait for more videos where the environments incorporate the new assets (game play\demo videos are a treat when you post them.)

    Anyways, I hope you and your team are starting to realize that this could turn out to be a monster success. :)

    I wanted to add that I am glad you are still updating this blog. This project has many fans that plan on purchasing this on day 1. Unfortunately, I missed the Kickstarter by a day but I'll be a regular visitor here.

    1. Hello! Yes, we try and update it as much as possible. We get a bit behind from time to time, but always come back :P
      It's really nice of you to say the game could be a success. We certainly hope so!